Orders & Returns

A. The vendor reserves the right to charge a fee on goods returned for credit which are damaged where notification has not been given by the purchaser of any damage to the goods when making any returns.

B. The purchaser has the right to cancel the order providing the modular grid signs have not gone into production ordered via this website within 7 days from the date of proposed delivery without incurring any charges.

C. The purchaser shall unless otherwise stated be responsible for the cost of return of all goods to the vendor and the returned goods shall be at the risk of the purchaser until actual receipt of the goods by the vendor. The onus of proof of safe delivery shall rest with the purchaser.

D. All items claimed to be faulty or damaged dispatched for return to the vendor more than 14 days from the date of delivery and found to contain no fault will not be subject to a refund and may be returned to the purchaser. In the event it becomes necessary to recover goods which are not faulty the costs of recovery shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

E. The vendor shall give a guarantee to refund to the purchaser full credit for any goods returned in stock condition provided they are dispatched for return within 7 working days of delivery which shall not affect the statutory rights of the consumer or purchaser under applicable consumer protection legislation which shall normally be laws or regulations in the Country of origin which for this web site shall be those of England or where superseded by those of the European Union.

F. No credit shall be allowed for goods until they have been received complete.

G. A full credit including carriage costs shall be given by the vendor to the purchaser in the event that goods are faulty or damaged at the time of delivery and notice of fault or damage is given by the purchaser to the vendor within 7 days of delivery.

H. A Full Credit will only be given on items dispatched for return within 7 Days from delivery where there are faults if such faults are not governed separately by a valid manufacturer’s warranty or under any other valid product warranty. The vendor will notify the purchaser of the existence of such warranties when contact is made with customer services.

I. Refused Shipments: Shipments returned marked refused will not result in refund and refusal of a shipment does not relieve the purchaser’s liability for paying any carriage charges incurred in the return of the goods to the vendor.