Way Out Sign



Due to the price increase on materials from the manufacturer, we have no choice but to increase the price of our Modular Grid Signs. We have tried to absorb the costs but unfortunately we were unable to do so.

The Way Out Sign is easy to fit, with or without a light fitting.

We can also personalise the Way Out Sign for you, call 01706 659227 to speak a member of the sign designing team.

Discounts are available on signage bulk orders, enquire for details.

Estimated delivery 5-10 working days.

Fitting Your Way Out Sign

The Way Out Sign is designed to replace an existing suspended ceiling tile on 24 and 15mm grid systems 600 x 600mm.

Simply remove the existing ceiling tile and put the Way Out Sign in its place (you can fit the ceiling tile back over the Way Out Sign to maintain the fire integrity if required).

You can fit the Way Out Sign under an existing flat 600 x 600mm light fitting or fit it without a light fitting.